Just An Example of the Food Plot Services We Offer!

          • Soil Sample Collection
          • Mowing/Spraying
          • Light Brush & Lot Clearing
            Start_cutting-Daniel              Finished_cutting-Daniel
            (Wanted A New Plot in the middle the thick stuff.)                           (Now it’s ready for spraying and then a disk!)
          • Tilling/Seeding
            tilling_ford              seeding_j
          • Fertilizer/Lime Spreading
            tough-conditions               soil-adjusted

            (This plot was attempted without proper soil samples)              (After proper fertilizer & lime applied, the plot flourished!)
          • Finish Mowing
          • Gravel/Dirt Driveway Work
          • Flower Bed/Garden Spot Tilling

            UPDATE : February 8, 2014
            Even with all the crazy weather holdups, the new equipment trailer finally made it!
            We’re ready to hit the road and get dirty! Call or contact  AG Outdoors to schedule
            your food plot needs or any other dirt work.